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Hangzhou Hengyi Mirror Industry Co., Ltd is China Frame Dressing Mirror Manufacturers and OEM frame dressing mirror factory. We provide a variety of mirrors, including bathroom mirror, vanity mirror, decorative mirror and LED smart mirror, lamp mirror, smart mirror, bathroom cabinet, shower room, bathroom accessories, etc. Our wholesale frame dressing mirrors has passed IS09001 quality system management certification, We value any requirements of customers and provide necessary support and necessary after-sales service to ensure timely delivery and good condition of goods. Our strong equipment capabilities, experienced workers and good technology ensure that we provide quality mirrors and service, which is the basis of long-term good reputation. Looking forward to cooperating with overseas customers on the basis of mutual benefit. For more details, please feel free to contact us.

Industry Solutions

  • Source Manufacturer

    We are a mirror manufacturer with 12 years of industry experience. We have our own processing plant, equipped with an experienced production team, and can continue to provide new products with higher cost performance.

  • OEM & ODM Customized Service

    Strict production process design and program control, professional R&D team and technical service team, can develop and produce corresponding products according to the drawings or samples provided by customers.

  • Customer Service

    The company insists on 7*24-hour docking service, conducts timely communication and feedback to customers, helps customers solve problems, establishes a customer file system, and strives to make after-sales service faster and more considerate.


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